Mission Christmas


Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to Detective Agency WatsonHolmes. We look forward to working with you.
Unfortunately, we have an unusually high number of requests these days which prevents us from tackling our most recent case. We therefore need you to take this one on and conduct all necessary investigations on our behalf.
It’s that season – and regrettably – Christmas is at stake. It so happens that all Santas of this world have gone missing following this year’s Santa World Conference, leaving us with quite a few unanswered questions. Follow the tracks and figure out where in the world this year’s Santa World Conference was being held, so that we can dispatch a search and rescue party and hopefully safely evacuate the Santas.
Keep in mind: It will be essential that you work together to succeed in this mission!

Time is of the essence! Help us save Christmas!

Detective Agency WatsonHolmes


Please see below the letter sent by Madam Cindy Head of Elves of the Elves Logistics Federation (short ELF), seeking our assistance in this delicate matter. She has provided us with hopefully useful information for solving this mystery. The enclosed Visitor’s Badge should also hold valuable information.


You can solve the case? Then send the necessary information to the detective agency so that they can send a special unit.