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  • Chef 2:09 PM It had better...
  • Assistance 1:44 PM Sounds lovely!
  • Warehouse Management 2:09 PM ...
  • Mailroom 2:09 PM I’m so excited!!
To: Assistance
That was horrific!
Absolutely. I must apologize on behalf of Nico. That will never happen again.
It had better not! HIS favorite sauce should always be perfect!
How in the world does his wife cope? This stupid racket, every morning, over and over again…
If he at least played the entire piece!
Apparently, it’s his personal interpretation! Bach and Schubert cannot even come close – Hahaha
The other day, when it really got to me, I shredded the notes and threw them into the trash! I felt so much better afterwards!!!
Ohhh… you naughty thing, you! Luckily, we’re off the hook now for a few days! How about we spike our coffees at the end of the day? To celebrate nobody playing that stupid piano!
Sounds lovely! Looking forward! Surely, we’ll not leave just at that one… Ha, ha, ha,
What’s the deal with the bands for the company Christmas Party?
The plan is for The Christmas-Rockers to play! Their music sounds are really tight! They’ll get us pumped. It’s all there- from rock music to easy listening!
Can’t we have an alternative to them, just for once?
Well, there would be the ones from last year… but the thought of hearing that boy choir all over again…
Right! The Wild Christmas Boys. I quite liked them. How about I take your comments on board and try to find us a good band
The packages for our Christmas Party have arrived *.*
Perfect!! That means we can get going with the preparations.
We will go all out on the decorations! Everything will sparkle and glisten!!
I’m so excited!!
Today, 6:28 AM
Wasup for the third time like is
you blind bitch
Monday, 1:27 PM
So, how's your new phone?
You finally have a smartphone 😀
Why aren't you answering?